Cheap Disability Life Insurance Quote For Dangerous Occupations

According to the bureau of labor, the top ten most dangerous jobs are:

1. Airplane Pilot
2. Construction worker
3. Farmer
4. Tree cutter (logger)
5. Laborers
6. Truck drivers
7. Grounds keeper
8. Detectives/Police officers
9. Carpenters
10. Sales person

Granted, some occupations are much more dangerous than others but, you still need to take a thorough look at your life insuranceÖ no matter what your occupation may be. Your #1 priority should be to make sure your family is protected should you die. If you are unmarried and have no children, you most likely don't need as much life insurance. But you still need some coverage. Funeral expenses, debts, etc. you wouldn't want to burden your loved ones with these debts after you're gone.

You should never avoid going without life insurance if...
* You are married with children who all depend on you.
* You have elderly parents or other family members who depend on you.
* You die unexpectedly and your retirement funds are not enough to support the family you left behind.
* You are self-employed with your own business.
* You donít have at least $10,000 set a side to bury you

Insurance companies are quick to give you an idea of how much life insurance you should have. You can always ask an agent for help.

Let's go back to 'high risk' occupations. You may also want to consider "Disability' insurance. Don't think for a minute that if you should become disabled, the government will come knocking at your door with a check! I can take 3 years or more for the government to determine whether you are eligible or not for disability benefits. Even if you are eligible, it is most unlikely that you will be able to support your family on the amount of those benefits.

What if you have a disability policy through your employer?

That's fine but, what if you leave that job? Most likely you will lose that policy so it would be wise to have your own disability policy.

To ensure that you get a cheap life insurance quote, you need to compare insurance companies! "Secrets to buying life insurance" are out there. Just don't expect the insurance companies to tell you about them.

If you would like more free detailed information on how you can find a cheap life insurance quote please visit our web site. Whether you're looking for a term life insurance quote a whole life insurance quote or even universal life insurance quote we will help you compare.