Cheapest Life Insurance - Term Life Is The Cheapest But Is It The Best? Lets Take A Look...

If you are looking for a cheap life insurance policy, the cheapest life insurance by far is called Term Life Insurance.

There are basically three different types of life insurance that are sold to consumers. Those are Whole Life, Term Life and Endowment. Anything else that you see out there is a derivative of one of these three and more than likely a Whole Life or Term Life "branch off".

The biggest differences between Whole and Term Life are the fact that Whole Life is designed to last for your entire life from the day you buy the policy. As long as you remain in good standing by paying your insurance payments (called "premiums") when they're do then you will be covered until the day you die or until the day you turn 100 years old. At this point the insurance company will issue you a check for the face value of the policy.

Whole Life insurance also builds a cash value that you can borrow against later in life. Part of your premium payments go toward purchasing insurance coverage and part go towards building your cash value. The only problem with Whole Life these days is that there are other options where you can invest your money that will pay you higher interest than a traditional insurance policy will. Also, most people don't need a major insurance policy for their entire lifetime. Once your house is paid off, the kids graduate and you're ready to retire, what do you need all that insurance for, other than to make your children very well off. Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but life insurance is about protection, not trying to make our kids wealthy.

Term Life can be purchased in smaller increments like, 10 Year Term, 20 Year Term. There is a Term policy that is guaranteed renewable too, if you want to keep the policy for long term protection.

Term Life is often referred to as "pure" life insurance because that's what 100% of your premiums are paying for. There's no cash value with Term Life, only straight life insurance. So if you're looking for the cheapest life insurance available, Term is your answer.

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