Cheapest UK Life Insurance

Most companies will claim that theyíre the one with the cheapest UK life insurance rates. While this claim may or may not be true, one thing is certain. Selling life insurance is extremely competitive. Thousands of companies and independent sales agents are working hard to attract your attention.

When there is so much competition, it usually means that smart buyers benefit most. How can you take advantage of this competition and ensure you get the cheapest UK life insurance rates?

Know what you want

When youíre looking for the cheapest UK life insurance rates, know exactly what you want. That way, you wonít fall for an insurance agentís sales pitches that aim to get you to purchase expensive add-ons that usually end up being more coverage than you need.

One of the interesting aspects of life insurance is that it is an emotional purchase. Youíre buying protection for a time in the future when youíre not able to protect those you love and care about most. No one likes to think about his or her mortality but thatís just what purchasing life insurance forces you to do.

If youíre healthy and youíve already got investment vehicles in place, then generally all youíll need is a no-frills term policy. This is generally the cheapest type of UK life insurance cover. The face value you select is paid out to your beneficiary upon your death as a one-time, lump sum payment.

The money from your life insurance policy can then be used by the beneficiary as he or she determines is best. It can be invested in an interest-bearing account, or used to payoff a mortgage, or to cover the costs of higher education, or to cover end-of-life expenses, or even to go on holiday.

Know how much you need

To ensure you get the cheapest UK life insurance, itís also important to know how much you need. This is considered the policyís face value or coverage. Itís generally calculated as your current salary multiplied by some number of years.

For example, many people want a term life policy that will provide for their children until they reach adulthood. Factor in cost of living increases and add a bit for unexpected expenses and you should arrive at a figure that is sufficient. If you periodically review your needs and adjust your coverage as necessary, you can feel confident that youíre doing what you can to protect those you care about most.

In you donít know what type of coverage you need or how much coverage makes sense youíll in effect be allowing the insurance company or agent to make those decisions for you. They may not end up being the best decisions, and you probably wonít be buying the cheapest UK life insurance.

If youíre okay with that, then by all means, take what youíre offered. Otherwise realize that with so much competition and so many advances in the medical field, purchasing the cheapest UK life insurance is certainly within your grasp.

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