Drug, Dental & Health Benefits - for Canadians

I talk to a number of small businesses in the course of my work. Small business is on the rise.

One of the things that gets left behind, if you used to work for a large company is your - Drug, Dental & Health Insurance Plan. It is one fo those "Nice to Have Items" in life.

Statistics are that about 50% of those in the workforce do not have a Drug, Dental & Health Insurance Plan. I can tell you from experience that this is the small business sector. Many businesses are not at the point where they are comfortable in taking on the expense of a Benefit Package.

If you are work for a small business, then this is probably your situation. There is an answer, with Manulife Flexcare Plan. You may have seen it advertised on TV.

It is an individual plan, that can be purchased by anyone who does not have a Drug, Dental & Health Plan, through the workplace.

The plan covers the whole family.

You have a choice of what coverages you wish to purchase, between Dental & Health, although the most popular is the combination plan covering both.

There is also a choice between Basic and Enhanced coverage.

With these Individual Health & Dental Plans, there is an underwriting done on the policy. This means there are a few health questions, that will determine if you qualify for certain coverages.

Example, if you take regular medication or have other regular health care expenses now, you will only qualify for the basic plan, which has lower limits of coverage.

As an added bonus, listen to an audio conversation with Todd Peryk, Living Benefits Specialist with Manulife, and see the coverage options available to you.

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