How to Get No Exam Term Life Insurance

The best way to get a term life insurance policy with no medical exam is to search for, get a quote for, and virtually purchase the policy online. While the process seems simple thanks to the Internet, getting a ďno examĒ term life insurance policy isnít always what itís cracked up to be.

Life insurance companies require medical exams because they want to know what theyíre up against. They want to know exactly who and what theyíre insuring, and how risky itís going to be for them to insure you. Sure, a life insurance company can deny you a term life insurance policy, and a poor medical exam may give them reason to do so. However, having a blemish or two on your medical exam (having smoked within the last few years, having high blood pressure, having high cholesterol, being overweight) doesnít necessarily mean youíre going to be denied. It may just mean your premiums will be a bit higher than if you didnít smoke and had no current health conditions.

At the same time, life insurance companies that offer term life insurance policies without requiring a medical exam might not provide optimal coverage. For example, a life insurance company may refuse to provide your beneficiary with his or her cash death benefits if you passed away due to a particular health-related problem. This could creep up on you if you donít read the fine print, and itís also another reason why itís so important to speak with a live life insurance agent rather than conducting the entire transaction online.

If youíre interested in purchasing term life insurance but are afraid of having a medical exam, wait a while first. Stop smoking, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and lose some weight. Not only will it help you pass a medical exam and get lower term life insurance premiums, but it will also help you stay health and alive longer!

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