Is There Such a Thing As Cheap Car Insurance in Canada?

There is a great many of us who pay far too much in premiums when it comes to car insurance in Canada.

The reason a huge majority pay too much in car insurance premiums is because there are two beliefs that exist. One is that car insurance companies all charge the same based on the same coverage from to the other. The other belief is that looking for rates is for the newbie driver or those who have a ticket or two or accident.

Unfortunately if you buy into those two beliefs then you are part of that huge majority that is paying way too much for their car insurance.

But really, is there such a thing as cheap car insurance in Canada? Well I guess first we need to determine what you feel "cheap" is but, if you are looking at saving on your rates substantially then it takes just one simple task ... SHOP THE RATES.

Now before you roll your eyes, read a little further and I am sure that once you read through your next step will be hitting the insurance companies in search of a far better rate than what you are paying now!

A survey was conducted where 8000 people used the internet to get a Canada car insurance online quote this study was done back in November of 2006 (so it is pretty recent). Each person sought quotes from the top 10 Canadian insurance companies and the rates were based on all 8000 people using the very same coverage. The study showed that there was a HUGE difference in rates between the 10 insurance companies, to the tune of over $900!

So let me ask you, does cheap car insurance in Canada exist? $900 is a HUGE savings and one that is certainly to your advantage to take the few minutes, go online and search!

Let me ask you a question and answer this one honestly.

Would you have called 10 insurance companies to get a rate comparison?

Probably not ... and certainly I can understand that, however, the net has enabled us to shop car insurance rates and certainly a lot faster than we would have if we had to call these 10 insurance companies one at a time. In a matter of clicking a button and waiting a couple of seconds you can have a quote comparison from several insurance companies at a time regardless of where you live in Canada. The study alone is worth the few minutes it takes to go and get a Canada car insurance online quote Is there such a thing as cheap car insurance in Canada? Well, I am sure you will agree that with a difference of $900 between car insurance companies, any savings is better in your pocket than somewhere else!

Dennise Ryder writes from her home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Many people are paying way too much for car insurance, check and make sure you aren't one of them, Canada car insurance online quote