Life Insurance Company Reviews

Life insurance companies promote two types of life insurances. They are whole life insurance and term insurance. Whole life insurance is when the time covered is the entire life and the premium is calculated accordingly. In case of term insurance, the insurance policy is taken for a fixed time of five, ten or fifteen years. The policy is covered for only that definite time and the beneficiaries are given the sum assured if the insured dies during the term of the policy.

The premiums in case of whole life insurance are generally steep whereas they are more affordable in case of term insurance. Term insurance is generally the choice of people who are young, without any major ailments and are on a budget and cannot afford the premiums of whole term life insurance. After the completion of the term, it is possible to convert term insurance into other type of life insurance.

Life insurance agents are hesitant about promoting set term insurances as their commission is much less in case of term. It is of grave concern that there have been a few failures by life insurance companies in the recent past. Even though the percentage of companies that have failed is very small and most of the customers have eventually received their entitlement, the delay and the inconvenience to policyholders has been extensive. It is advisable to deal with only financially strong companies.

Life insurance company reviews are found on the net and various financial magazines. It is advisable to always take reviews with a pinch of salt as they could be biased. Most of the people writing about the companies are generally employees. It is necessary on the part of the insurer to carry out a proper study and not take any of the reviews at face value.

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