Life Insurance No Medical Exam - This Almost Isnt Worth It - Heres Why...

Usually when e person is looking for life insurance with no medical exam they have something to hide from the insurance company. After all, what's the big deal about a few simple tests and some blood work? Regardless, there are some life insurance policies that can be purchased without a physical exam.

Have you seen those commercials on television that are always talking about life insurance for people all the way up to 80 years old with no medical exam? Well, this is one option if you're really serious about not getting checked out by a doctor. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of with these types of policies. Here are a couple of things to consider.

#1. Always read the exclusions in the policy before you sign it. Don't just assume that all insurance policies are alike because that's simply not true. Most of these policies have strict exclusions on how you can die and still be covered within the first few years. For example, one policy that I read excluded death from natural causes for the first three years. It would only pay you if you died in an accident and then only on a progressive scale. Progressive meaning 25% the first year, 50% the second, 75% the third.

#2. You must buy insurance in "lots". These lots may be in $3000-$5000 increments and they're very expensive. Many of these plans are designed specifically for burial policies.

In all reality, you shouldn't be afraid to have an exam taken, unless of course you're terminally ill. I've had cases of individuals that had been denied by other insurance companies in the past, get approved by the company I was working for at the time. It all depends on the Underwriter, so you just never know. So stop looking for a life insurance policy with no medical exam. You may not have a thing to worry about.

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