Life Insurance No Medical Exams - Do You Qualify?

Life Insurance No Medical Exam policies are now being offered to consumers over the internet.

Due to technological advancements life insurance companies can now determine online whether ayou qualify for a policy. You just answer some health-related questions and within minutes you get a reply from the insurer, while you’re still on your computer, as to whether you can purchase a policy.

Term life insurance with no exam offers you a quick and easy way to buy term life insurance online without the hassles of taking a physical exam. There are no doctor’s visits, no agents to meet with, no mailing delays and same-day coverage is available for qualified applicants.

Now you can get quality, affordable life insurance protection for your family today, without the lengthy delays. In the past, it would take weeks, even up to 2 months for you to go through the application process, underwriting of your pplication, taking a physical exam, and then receive your policy through the mail, or have it delivered by your agent.

Once you apply for term life insurance online and qualify for coverage, you can pay through secure payment processing online. Usually, if you pay your first month’s premium online, your life insurance policy begins the same day.

Imagine, you can actually qualify for and purchase a life insurance no medical exam policy online in the time it takes to have your lunch.

There are drawbacks to term life insurance with no exam. First, the amount of coverage available is limited to $25,000-$250,000 in most instances. However, if you apply for coverage from two or more of the carriers offering this type of policy, you may be able to qualify for up to $400,000 of term life insurance without taking any medical exams.

Next, term life insurance with no medical exams will cost more than a fully underwritten life insurance policy. Because the insurance company uses a short application process, and limits the number of questions they ask you, they may accept some people who may not qualify for coverage elsewhere. Also, most of the people accepted for a policy are placed into fewer rating groups, so the rates may be higher than charged by other insurance companies.

If you want a life insurance no medical exam policy that’s easy, affordable and hassle-free – this may be the type of policy for you. But, it’s good to consider your options first.

Life Insurance No Medical Exam – Request your Free Report – The Insider’s Guide to Buying Life Insurance with No Medical Exams.