Low Cost Life Insurance

Insurance is means of risk coverage by contract whereby one party agrees to guarantee another against a specified loss. Life insurance guarantees the financial status of the insuredís family after his death. A life insurance plan can protect your assets and your family's financial security.

In low-cost life insurance, an insured person has to pay a monthly premium, and in return his family gets compensated upon his death. His family gets some financial support by the insurance company and need not be dependent on others for their requirement. So this security is received only by paying a monthly premium, which is very low compared to the security offered.

There are various types of low-cost life insurance policies. Term life insurance is one of the best options. Term life insurance is the simplest and purest form of life insurance, which can be purchased for a specified number of years and provides a death benefit only if the insured person dies during that term. If the insured person lives beyond the term of insurance or stops paying premiums at any point during the term, the policy lapses and has no value.

Term life insurance has budget-friendly options and premiums are generally much cheaper than cash-value policies like whole life or universal. Since in term insurance you pay only for life insurance coverage, it is the cheapest form of coverage for a limited number of years, especially when you're young. It is particularly suitable for younger parents who want to have substantial insurance coverage at low cost.

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