Why You Want To Be An Insurance Agent With The Internet Today

Some of the very major benefits that the Internet has brought to industries worldwide is that it has allowed many companies to take up less and less of their resources to market their products or services. This is true even for insurance companies.

If you have ever heard of Internet affiliate marketing, then you will know that it is practically God's gift to companies around the world - no longer do you have to allocate budgets for your marketing department for a full-on promotional campaign. What you do is simply set up a business system to accommodate affiliate marketers, and the affiliate marketers themselves will go about promoting your products.

What this means for the average Internet user is that there are opportunities to sell products, and if you do the math, the more you put in work to sell products, the more commission income you will earn.

Why Sell Insurance Products

By far, insurance products are the most sellable items that you can sell. Unlike satellite dishes, insurance programs are necessary to existence. In fact, insurance programs like life insurance programs and health insurance programs are the very basic foundations to financial security. And just what does this mean? It only means that there will always be a ready market for insurance products, precisely because people are going to come looking for them, even here on the Internet.

The good news is that many Internet-based companies for insurance agents are offering free websites for their insurance agents. In some cases, some of them offer free sales leads, which gives insurance agents more time to actually sell their products than finding prospects. Some sites also sell their leads at a competitive price per lead while others offer both free leads and sold leads for selling two types of insurance programs.

Commission Vs Average Income

In 2006, insurance agents earned an average of $58,450 in commissions, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the same year, the US Census Bureau pegged the median annual US household income at $48,201.00.

The actual commission that can be earned by an insurance agent will largely depend on the commission package of the insurance company or the brokerage company. Generally speaking though, an insurance agent can earn up to 10% on health insurance programs, and from 20% to 90% commission on life products on the first year of the policy. Then again, this depends on the brokerage firm or the insurance company.

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