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Cheap Life Insurance Quote For Seniors

Seniors do need life insurance. Just because the children are all grown up and moved away does not mean older folks don't need life insurance. Older folks may not need as much life insurance as a young couple with kids and a mortgage, but, they should still have some.

Of course, if you have no one who depends on you financially, and all your bills are paid prior to your death and you have enough in your savings to handle your funeral expenses, you may not need life insurance. Even if the kids are gong and the bills are paid, you may still need life insurance if one of the following pertains to you:

Now days, dying has gotten very expensive. If you do not have $10,000 put away for funeral expenses, the burden will be passed along to your family. If you have a large estate. Estate taxes can be very high. Having a tax differed savings in your policy can pay for these taxes so the burden does not fall on your beneficiaries.

Even though your surviving family may not be dependent on you now, your death may be a severe blow to them where they're unable to generate an income for themselves for a while. Your policy would make sure they're taken care of during this recovery period. It's much easier to have a $10,000 life insurance policy than it is to keep $10,000 cash on hand.

Even though a couple may be older, they each usually have some kind of income. This income may have them accustom to a particular life style. If one of them should die, they may not be able to keep up this life style. Especially with the ever rising cost of inflation. A small term life policy may be all it would take to make sure the survivor can maintain the life style they have become accustom to.

A whole life or permanent life insurance has it's advantages also. It has a tax differed savings that grows with the policy. A portion of your premium payments are used to fund this. In time, this can build up to a very nice cash value. This can be turned into an annuity or drawn on if needed.

A supplement term life insurance policy can be a security blanket for you and family members even if you have a whole life insurance policy. With the cost of living constantly on the rise, you're existing whole life policy may not be enough to pay your final expenses and help your surviving family members the way you had planned.

So, when deciding on your policy, consider the life styles of your surviving family members, the future cost of living hikes, the rising cost of funeral expenses, and the ever growing life expectancies of people now days. You can find a cheap life insurance quote if you take the time to compare.

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