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How to Get the Best Cheapest Homeowners Insurance

You want to get homeowners insurance but you don't want just any insurance, you want to get the best insurance at the best price. Here's how to get the best cheapest homeowners insurance.

Best Homeowners Insurance

The best insurance is insurance with a reputable company that will give you good service and will pay your claims on time. There are two websites where you can check up on a company's service and claims reputation:

* J.D Power ( rates insurance companies based on how customers are treated, how they like their policies, how they like their policy's price, and how they like their agents. This is a good site to get an overall perspective of a company from the customer's point of view.

* You state's department of insurance records consumer complaints that have been filed against insurance companies. If your state's insurance website doesn't list this information, you can go to the California Department of Insurance website ( to get it.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance

In order to get the cheapest homeowners insurance you're going to have to do a little comparison shopping.

Thanks to the Internet, comparison shopping for homeowners insurance is a piece of cake. All you have to do is go to an insurance comparison website, fill out a simple questionnaire, and wait to get quotes from A-rated companies in your area.

As you fill out the questionnaire you can request all the discounts you're eligible for and get the deductible you want. If you have any questions about discounts, deductibles, or anything else, the better sites let you can talk online with an insurance expert to get answers to those questions.

Bottom Line

Many of the Katrina hurricane victims found out too late that they had too little insurance coverage or didn't have the right insurance coverage. Don't get caught in the same trap. Do your homework.

It only takes a few minutes online to get cheap homeowners insurance quotes , and a few minutes more to check out a company to make sure it's reputable and reliable.

Visit or click on the following link to get the best cheapest homeowners insurance quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more insurance tips in their Articles section.

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written a number of articles on finding the best and cheapest homeowners insurance.