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Life insurance companies are doing well as life expectancy is declining with the tensions and turmoil of the present day. The stress levels are so high that people are succumbing to heart ailments. The only way to help the family left behind in case of death is through insurance.

Low cost life insurance policies are the best bet if a person is young, in good health, but on a budget. It is advisable to go in for term based life insurance that is affordable unlike the whole life insurance premiums that are exorbitant. Term based life insurance is for a fixed time such as five, ten or fifteen years. The premiums have to be paid for the duration of the term and the policy is valid only for the time specified. The beneficiary is given the assured sum. It is also possible to convert term policies into whole life insurance policies on expiry of the term, if desired. There is no accumulation of cash in these low cost life insurance policies. They only offer life coverage.

Universal life insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection in event of death and also serves as an investment option. It can earn money market interest rates. It's quite flexible and allows the policy buyer to increase or decrease the amount of insurance coverage needed throughout the policy term. However, it is advisable to read the fine print and be aware of the policy's terms and conditions. In this policy, at times of financial hardship, the premium amount can be lowered. Some companies have come out with policies where rates are guaranteed, irrespective of the interest rates.

It is advisable for the prospective buyer to go through the details of various companies to find the policy that suits him best.

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